Historic Savannah Georgia: The Home of M.Liz Jewelry

Posted by Stephanie Cacciguida

M.LIZ JEWELRY is inspired every day by our hometown, and often, our jewelry is referred to as architectural because of its clean lines, strong geometric shapes, and textures. We are constantly getting design ideas from our surroundings.


Savannah, Georgia is an arts rich walking city. If you’re a wanderer seeking an explorative retreat, this is the place for you. Beneath the large live oak trees and cascading Spanish moss, it’s easy to stumble on a hidden corridor of Antebellum architecture. The pairing of deep sienna bricks framing boxy Federal style properties, with 200-year-old graying cobblestone is just part of what makes Savannah’s landscape so unforgettable.

While you wander, keep your eyes peeled for fact plaques! You’ll find them tucked away each of the lush squares in the historic downtown area. There are 22 squares in the walkable city, they are named to commemorate war heroes and often contain beautiful sculptures. Read up on important dates for battles or learn information about the personal lives of war heroes. These squares act as public green spaces for rest amid the business of businesses.

In the historic downtown area you’ll see buildings with Greek inspired columns, right beside ultra modern glass paneled museums. This juxtaposition of new and old makes for exciting views and a unique experience.

The contrasts of Savannah’s architecture are so influential that M.Liz designer Mary Craft implements similar design elements in her jewelry collections. The brass collection, for example, is made up of organically textured metal visually similar to stone pathways. Mary Liz pairs geometric brass shapes with smooth Sterling Silver metal bars and hoops to create an industrial look with a feminine flair.

The M.LIZ JEWELRY flagship is smack dab in the middle of this beauty. At the corner of Liberty and Whitaker streets sits Mamie Ruth | M.Liz; a funky space that Mary Liz shares with her retail business partner, Emily.

Situated garden level, the shop has crisp white window panes and a striking turquoise front door. On the sidewalk, you can’t miss the giant ying yang logo and sandwich board that reads, “Hippies use front door.”

In the space, you’ll find M.LIZ originals and see exactly where they are made as well! 

Emily’s brand, Mamie Ruth, offers USA made apparel designed right in the same space. Cohesively, the space feels relaxed and youthful. Tourists and locals flock to the shop for its original graphic tees, printed bell bottoms, high quality jewelry and crystal offerings. The gem that is the M.LIZ brick and mortar doesn’t stand alone. All of downtown Savannah is home to unique, charming businesses. They are breathing life into this historic city.

Come visit us in Savannah and see for yourself! Heading to Savannah soon? Mamie Ruth | M.Liz is always hosting in store events; we’d love to meet you.