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We are entering our favorite time of year in Savannah over at M.Liz Headquarters. Springtime brings so many wonderful things besides the warm weather return to dresses and sandals. We have Saint Patricks Day approaching in two weeks, which means about a million people will be descending on our fair city for one of the biggest parades in the country. 

If you are one of those people that will be joining us next week, or if you have been considering Savannah as a destination for your next weekend getaway, let us break down some of our favorite spots and things to do. 

Those of you that know me know that I am obsessed with Uber Eats and Door Dash. It was my New Years resolution to cut back on my use of both. It was also my news years resolution to blog more and here we are, first week of March and this is our first blog post of the year so yea... resolutions really aren't my thing. Anyways, back to my point. The food is Savannah is one of the best parts of living here. Living on Tybee means I don't get to eat downtown as much as I like so I have to take full advantage at lunch time and those few date nights Jason and I get. Here are some of my favorite lunch spots. 

Kayak Kafe. By far my favorite lunch spot in downtown. They aren't on Uber Eats so I am not really breaking my resolution with this one. Lucky for me that means I get to walk and pick my food up. It's just a quick walk from our Studio at Mamie Ruth | M.Liz Studios and Boutique, and a pretty walk at that. Plus I get to walk by some of my favorite stores, like Red Clover, Harper, and The Frayed Knot to get there. My go to lunch is the Vegetarian Salad with a cup of their Turkey Chili. Plus they use eco friendly and 100% compostable Togo products. They are all made of corm so that means compostable bags, paper boxes, and cups and straws. Nothing like some guilt free to go boxes! Pictures pulled from Kayak Kafe's instagram (@kayakkafe), my food photo skills are no where near this level of amazingness. 

Some other spots we totally recommend are The Public Kitchen and Bar, Hitch, Soho South Cafe, Zunzi's, and The Flying Monk. For dinner our top spots are The Grey, Husk, and Sorry Charlie's.

If shopping is on your to do list while here, we highly recommend the Sip n' Shop Tour. Jami will take you to all her favorite places (spoiler Mamie Ruth | M.Liz is one of your stops!) and bonus... you get to drink along the way as well. Another stop along the way is our good friends at Satchel. Once you leave Mamie Ruth | M.Liz just head down the road a block and a half to find these hard working gals making all kinds of leather goods! Just like us they make and design everything right there in their Liberty Street studio. The have everything from weekenders to totes and even leather koozies. Be sure to tell them we sent you! Don't you love all these gorgeous bags below? Check out their instagram to see more @satchelsavannah.

satchel savannah

Also stop by East and Up (owned by our very our Emily Baregron of Mamie Ruth) for amazing vintage threads, One Fish Two Fish for beautiful home and gift needs, and 24e for the most amazing selection of furniture. 

We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful town that inspires us everyday. No only are we surrounded by talented artist designing and making right here in the heart of our city, but we are also inspired by the beautiful surrounds of the city. Have we convinced you to come see us? What is on your must see list when you come to visit? Hopefully Mamie Ruth | M.Liz Studios and Boutiques makes your list!

Mamie ruth mliz

107 W Liberty Street, Savannah, GA

open 11-6 Monday-Saturday and 12-5 on Sunday. 




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