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  • 14k Gold Filled VS Gold Plated Jewelry

    14k Gold Filled VS Gold Plated Jewelry

    Do you know the quality differences in YOUR gold accessories? Here's some information about the metals that make up the jewelry you're purchasing, and how to care for your pieces.   14 karat Gold Filled Metal      Here at M.Liz Jewelry, all gold styles are produced using 14 karat...

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  • Building a Business / Building a Family

      BEETTANOwner:  Michelle PethEstablished in: 2014Mom to 17yr old son, Gavin Michelle Peth is the mastermind behind BEETTAN Organic Sunless Tanning. What sparked the company? She, like many of us ladies, had two goals. She wanted to find a way to obtain “flawless sun-kissed color” without the damaging effects of...

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