Top Trend for Spring 2017: Hoop Earrings

Top Trend for Spring 2017: Hoop Earrings

The deconstruction of an earring.

Hammered, shaped, and soldered by hand, the pieces that make up the M.Liz Double Hoop Earring give life to this top selling style. Designed with intention but without the usual metal bridge between earwire and element. This direct connection results in restricted movement and creates a focal front facing shape. The top two inch diameter hoop initially draws your eye. Suspended from the same earwire is a 3” chain that links by jump ring and connects to another supremely crafted, but smaller hoop. This connection point allows for 360 degree movement between the chain and...

Brand Snapshot

MLIZ S/S 2016

Model: Makenna Reeder

Photographer: Libby Muenckler ; AdLib Photography

Apparel: Mamie Ruth / One Teaspoon / Levis / Acacia Swimwear / Salt Swimwear


Wholesale Shopping Now available Online!

Wholesale Shopping Now available Online!

April was a big month for M.Liz Jewelry. The brand was featured in not one, but two magazines. Almost overnight, we saw a huge jump in our online engagement. This was both exciting and a little nerve-wracking for us. We are a small business and do all of what you see from design to production to trade shows, web, and retail sales in house. With a little help from coffee and positive energy, we are excited to announce that we have built a space online for not only retail purchasing, but also wholesale purchasing. All you have to do is...

Geodes are 10% off Through April 30th

Don't forget, we're celebrating our Plated Geode piece featured in Southern Living Magazine by Offering 10% off all Geode Styles through the month!

Not into it? Keep your eyes peeled. We're doing various Promos all weekend.

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