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Owner:  Michelle Peth
Established in: 2014
Mom to 17yr old son, Gavin

Michelle Peth is the mastermind behind BEETTAN Organic Sunless Tanning. What sparked the company? She, like many of us ladies, had two goals. She wanted to find a way to obtain “flawless sun-kissed color” without the damaging effects of sun exposure. With the help of experts in the field, she created a one-of-a-kind solution. It’s composed of only organic ingredients, the color result is fantastic, and it smells great!


The root of the product, and the magic behind the name is, you guessed it! BEETS!

Michelle PethBeetTan Self-Tanner & Extender

We asked Michelle a few questions about raising Gavin, here's what she had to say...

What has been your "proudest moment" with your son? I asked her. Her response was quick, "Figuring out how to do something entrepreneurial and have more time with him. By watching me he sees that he can do other things and not be in a cubicle. Now he has interest in starting his own business."

Michelle made it clear, it wasn't easy for her to get to where she is today. There was a lot of trial and error. She's glad Gavin saw that part too. "You never realize your kids are watching you..." Bumps in the road in the beginning were hard. Especially since she has raised him on her own. She believes that from watching the company grow, it gave him more confidence to carve his own path. "He's seventeen now and really paying attention to and understanding what I'm doing." In her stride, now, Gavin helps Michelle pack orders. "I'll hear him say to his friends, 'I want to do like my mom did.'"

"I can guide him now. He doesn't have to make the mistakes I did. I can provide direction for him based on what I've learned. Him wanting to mimic what I'm doing is pretty cool" she said.

We think that's pretty cool too.

Since Mary Liz has a little boy, and I'm about to have a little boy, I was dying to find out what Michelle thought was the most special part of a mother's bond with her son. 

Michelle believes that, "now that he’s older, he kind of wants to protect her." This is what I imagined (and hoped, to be honest). She does her best to protect herself too. "When I need help I'll say it" she admitted. "We are so close and so open. And he respects that." Their honesty with each other is something really admirable.

She offered up her secret, "I'm conscious of self care. You time is really important. Knowing when you need to do things for yourself is important." She believes in that so much, that she built her business around a product that makes you feel good about yourself.

Michelle's resilient attitude, her dedication to BEETTAN and her openness with her son, Gavin are just a few of the reasons why we support her. If you're a Savannah local, we'd HIGHLY reccommend booking her for a private spray tan. If you're admiring from afar, order her product! You will NOT be disappointed!




















AdLib Photography
Owner:  Libby Muenckler
Established in: 2008
Mom to 5yr old daughter, Ellie and 3yr old son, Dean 



Libby Muenckler is the magic behind the lens of AdLib Photography. She began her business in 2014 dabbling in the wedding and fashion industries. Since then, she has found her calling in Family and Child photography. Libby’s work speaks volumes about her personality. Each photo she captures is a direct reflection of her relaxed demeanor. Her keen eye for light and depth brings about a maturity in photos that isn't often captured in photos with little subjects. AdLib Photography has developed a following of loyal parents, and because of this, maintained coveted availability. Libby’s work is unmatched. We encourage you to take a look and admire the tenderness AND fun in each picture. If you're in the Savannah area, we highly recommend you reach out to her for your next family photos!


Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, child, sky, shoes, outdoor, nature and water

Libby's work schedule is to be admired. She's constantly posting on social media about her "office" for the day (which is often a beautiful beach or outdoor area). I follow her religiously because I love to see how effortlessly she juggles it all. It's very inspiring. I finally asked her how she prioritizes her day as a business owner. She responded, "My priority is my family. Period. I feel so fortunate to have a full time career that allows me to also be a stay at home mom - that's a rarity. Over the years I've started saying a lot more "no's" in business so I can say "yes" to kids." 

Saying "no" is a concept that we hear a lot in small business. It's frustrating because it always seems counterproductive when your goal is to grow. However, the more we learn of others having success with this crucial step- the better! Saying "no" gives business owners (and ESPECIALLY moms) more room to grow. With a schedule that wears you down, you're not giving yourself that necessary space.

Libby continued, "It was scary at first to scale back in that way but has proven to be even more beneficial in the long run. I've become extremely good at time management, staying up late to edit & not overwhelming myself with too big a workload. Always a work in progress but I hope my kids grow up to know that I juggle it all for them." 

I asked her, how has being a photographer altered the way you see your kids at home? 

"Im not sure if its just my personality or the photographer in me but I'm not afraid to let them be messy or wild. Childhood fun is very rarley made in clean rooms & with clean shoes. Most of my photoshoots end in kids being muddy & most of our days at home end that way too." Probably my favorite response ever.


How often is it that we allow kids to just be kids? The pure joy that we aim to capture in photos often involves sillyness, and mess, and freedom. Joy doesn't have to be limited to those moments. I love that Libby encourages messy, wild, joy at home too! Her carefree approach to her photogrpahy is a by product of the way she lives her life. 

"Honestly, Im just a giant kid myself - being a Mom just allows me to know what sort of moments really matter to other Moms. Most kids see me as the 'Cool Aunt' who lets them be wild and have fun - while the "Mom in me" allows me to keep control and capture what's really important in a photograph. Being able to do both is what I feel has allowed me to be so successful in the children's photography industry."

Libby's carefree approach to juggling being a mom and owning a business is something I believe we all can learn from. Surely it isn't easy, but she's proof that perspective is the secret!



Wildflower Gypsy
Owner:  Chelsea Stephens
Established in: 2015
Mom to 4yr old daughter, Chloë

Wildflower Gypsy is the love child born from a career in the beauty industry and a passion for herbalism. As a hairstylist, Chelsea knew she had to make some drastic changes in her life to offset the amount of chemical processes she was around in her work environment. After battling some serious health scares, she decided to create her own solution to the problem. Her handcrafted hair care products are so unique, they are adored by her clients. With ingredients like raw honey, hibiscus, and sunflower oil, everyone can feel fearless about what they are using in their self care routines. Does this sound like the life that you lead? Don’t fret, she sells them in stores and online as well! Chelsea is committed to building a community of women that believe in natural self care as well as caring for the earth.

Being mindful of your lifestyle is one thing, but it's a whole other animal when you think about purposefully setting an example for another human. We were curious, so we asked Chelsea, "How do you plan on passing these lifestyle changes on to your daughter?" The answer was pretty simple and very eye opening.

She replied, "The really great thing about Chloë coming into my life is she won’t know another way of living. We’ve raised her with knowledge of treating nature with respect and she’s watched me use all of these natural products. She only knows natural and pure in all facets. Things like eating fresh produce from the farmers market, recycling or reusing containers, gardening, etc. Its pretty magical and empowering to know I do have an affect on bettering our future and it all starts with Chloë!"

It seems a whole lot less intimidating when you think that our kiddos are just starting to be exposed to the products of the world. If we stay mindful about what we introduce them to, it seems more likely, and a lot more positive, that they wouldn't have to go through this intense "product awareness shift" that so many of us are going through right now.

With the eco conscious shift in mind my next question was,

"What is your top priority with regard to ditch and switch?" Chelsea answered, "My top priority with ditch and switch is awareness! I feel like people get caught up in hype or the trending thing to do or avoid. Instead, think for yourself, do your own research and chose accordingly. For myself, I am extra picky on products I use because I am so sensitive to ingredients. However another person won’t react as such." She continued by encouraging that we stick with our intuition. As conscious consumers we have a TON of buying power, wouldn't you agree?

If you're interested in making a small change in your own life, M.Liz Jewelry recommends Chelsea's dry shampoo. It's unlike any store bought that you've come across. It smells great and is easily applied. We believe in Chelsea's brand and her pure intentions. We encourage you to explore her brand!





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