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Earlier this month we went to Tucson, AZ...

And went shopping just for you !

Every year, M.Liz Jewelry heads to the Tucson Gem Show to source the perfect stones for the seasons ahead. Vendors from all around the world bring their local treasures to share. We love treasure hunting there and have a tendency to see and snatch any and everything we are drawn to. This trip was special. We chose only what deeply called to us.

SPRING 2020 Features all this beauty
coming soon

What you can expect from SPRING 2020.

Maybe you've had your eye on M.Liz Jewelry for a while. You like the bold styles and use of beautiful semiprecious gems, but are looking for even more wearable pieces?

  • Hoop earrings with playful charms and sparkling stones.
  • Dainty necklaces perfect for building a bold look or wearing solo for a simple statement. 
  • New chain options in the same long lasting 14k gold filled metal we've always used.

With so much beauty around we wanted to be more intentional about stone selection. We want our pieces in the season ahead to be even more special. We want you to feel special wearing more exclusive pieces. We hope that the stones call to you in the same way they called to us when we uncovered them.




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    After reading the blog I had made my mind that I will not purchase the Cartier braceletfor my mother she told me that she don’t want the fancy bracelet so after reading the blog I had made my mind that If i found the Tucson Gem i will made the bracelet of that

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