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Posted by Stephanie Cacciguida

Do you know the quality differences in YOUR gold accessories?

Here's some information about the metals that make up the jewelry you're purchasing, and how to care for your pieces.


14 karat Gold Filled Metal

     Here at M.Liz Jewelry, all gold styles are produced using 14 karat gold filled metal. What makes gold filled metal higher quality than gold plated? 14k gold filled metal is produced in a process called "Cladding". The Clad process occurs when a thick layer (5%) of 14 karat gold is pressure bonded to base metal alloy. The base metal alloy used is typically Bronze or Brass. The designation of gold filled metal begins at 10 karat utilization. If the karat gold on the piece is less than 10 karat, the piece is considered "gold overlay". 

     When you have your M.Liz jewelry pieces on, 14 karat gold is what is touching your skin and exposed to the elements. Because of this make up, it is not easily tarnished. This means you can wear your 14k gold filled jewelry every day without worry. When introduced to water in the shower, or salt water at the beach, your jewelry is safe! 


     Though it won't tarnish, it may get dirty from wear due to oils from your skin. The easiest way to clean gold filled pieces is by using a toothbrush and dish soap to wash. Make sure you dry the piece completely before storage!


14k Gold Plated Metal

     In comparison, you can think of gold plated metal as more of a decorative finish for jewelry. This is because base metal is covered by a fraction, .05%, of karat gold. Gold plating is achieved in the electroplating process when 14k gold is electrically charged to base metal alloy. 


     Because of its slim application, specifically 7 millionths of an inch, it is easier to scratch or rub off a layer of plated gold. When you want to clean your gold plated pieces, we'd recommend wiping very delicately with a cotton round or cotton ball. When polishing, it is not recommended that you rub your gold plated pieces in a harsh manner. Simply gently wipe with a soft jewelry cloth to remove dirt and debris. Make sure to store your gold plated pieces in a way that they won't scratch. We'd recommend wrapped in a soft cloth. 


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