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Are you setting goals in your life for the year ahead? We'd love to hear about them! Tag us @mlizjewelry with your lists and action steps for 2020 goals! 

I found this short and sweet “steps of goalsetting” breakdown from ActionForHappiness.org:

Set your goals and make them happen

  1. Decide. 
  2. Write it down. 
  3. Tell someone. 
  4. Break your goal down.
  5. Plan your first step
  6. Keep going
  7. Celebrate.


As far as the M.Liz Brand Goals for 2020...

Our goals are simple: 

  1. to be at more retail events so we can talk with and get to know the women who are purchasing and wearing our jewelry
  2. to broaden our price range and offer pieces from cost conscious to luxury and one of a kind
  3. to connect with YOU more
  4. to develop a fun, social sphere of like-minded women
    Let's break down goal #3 in to steps; We want to connect with YOU more.
  • Decide. 
  • Mary Liz and I decided this at the end of last year. We've noticed that since we've been more directly connected with the M.Liz audience, our relationships with you guys are growing so much stronger. We're making friends and family from people who are interacting with the M.Liz Jewelry and STORM AND STELLA brands. We want to continue to do that! We're intentionally being more present and open and we feel so honored that you all are doing the same with us. 


  • Write it down. 
  • I have a very messy and very boring brainstorm sheet I can share but, I'll spare you.


  • Tell someone. 
  • It's our hope that in sharing this, we can cultivate an accountability squad. The more transparent you are about a goal, the more likely it is that you'll reach it!


  • Break your goal down.
  • This, for us, means taking down "the wall" of social media. It means posting more personal stories on Instagram, talking more deeply with shoppers at our brick and mortar, and growing from the common ground we share with the people who support the brand.


  • Plan your first step
  • This newsletter & blog are, essentially, our first action steps. 


  • Keep going
  • Be on the lookout for what our next BIG event is! It will be out first retail experience of 2020. It's exclusive, it's intimate, and we'll be focusing on something we're VERY passionate about!


  • Celebrate.
  • Cheers to the new year, and a better (but not new) you! We're celebrating our wins over here because here we are with the first *very* personal address to you.

    Did you catch the January Newsletter?*

    Here's what these steps look like for my personal goal of learning how to pose better in photos so I like the result a little more:
    1. I decided that learning how to pose in pictures was going to be on my list of things I wanted to be better at this year!
    2. I wrote it, and a bunch of other goals down.
    3. I’m sending it in a newsletter letter to all of you (my accountability squad in a sense.)
    4. The breakdown is basically committing to taking five photos a day and getting at least one that I feel confident enough sharing.
    5. The first step is this and I’m going to have to take a picture and post it on social media to link to and promote this blog.
    6. I’ll also be taking more jewelry photos on instagram.
    "This year I want to learn how to be more photogenic. I HATE pictures. Hate them. I hate taking pictures. I hate how I look in them. I always end up doing something funny to offset the awkwardness. It’s weird because I feel like a very self assured person in life and then I LOATHE a photo. Maybe it’s because I never see ME when I look at them. I always see my dad, or my grandmother. (Both great people, neither of them are me.)  If we’re looking back on photos I see someone who was addicted to tanning… if we’re looking at photos now… all I see is a mom. So, this year… I want to learn how to be more photogenic. That’s a personal goal." 

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